Community Guidelines

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At Answers, we strive to provide a safe, inclusive community for our users. We’ll do our part; to do yours Please abide by the following standards we’ve set for the Answers community:

  • DO NOT post anything illegal

  • DO NOT threaten, harass, or bully other users

  • DO NOT post anything in violation of our privacy policy

  • DO NOT encourage or incite violence

  • DO NOT post sexual or sexually suggestive content

  • DO NOT post profane, vulgar, or hateful content

  • DO NOT post propaganda or misinformation

  • DO NOT post personal or confidential information

  • DO NOT impersonate a brand, company, other legal entity, or other people

  • DO NOT ask for votes or engage in vote manipulation

  • DO NOT advertise goods and/or services

  • DO NOT post spam

  • DO NOT post off-topic answers or misrepresent the spirit of the question

  • DO NOT post content that violates intellectual property rights according to the

  • Post content that violates intellectual property rights according to theDigital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)or any content that violates copyright, trademark trade dress, unfair competition, patent, and/or trade secret rights

Violations of any of the above guidelines will result in the removal of content and potential deletion of the user’s account.

All this being said, we DO encourage you to engage in positive and meaningful discussion, and we DO want you to share your passion by asking and answering questions about your favorite topics!

Last updated: 04/2020

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